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Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia

Welcome! A travel lifestyle blog offering useful information, a few funny anecdotes, a few facts, and plenty of controversial opinions from a well-traveled 40-something woman originally from Chicago.

Traveling is in your blood whether you know it or not. You weren’t meant to live this one life in one location and work at a job that makes you miserable.

Believe me…I KNOW that life and it took me four years to become fully remote. You don’t have to wait that long, and I’m here to help.

Before I tell you how cool I am (haha, yeah right), please understand this blog is meant to inspire your life. Whether it’s advice on saving money abroad, getting gigs or even humorous stories of living in different countries…You’ll be entertained.

Now let me show off (🤣)….My first solo trip was done in 1996, when I took the Greyhound bus from Chicago to San Francisco where I stayed for about a month. London became my first solo trip abroad in 1997 when I was 17 years old. I stayed in London for almost 6 months and really didn’t like it there. I arrived armed with $1,500 and a vague idea of what I wanted to do there.

Just remember…you’re never too old to finish something, you can travel by yourself and you can always change your circumstances. There’s NOTHING wrong with you if you’re older and unsettled and want adventure/romance.


Your questions means a lot. If you need help breaking into this lifestyle, please write. ♥️


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  1. Olivier MARTIN says:

    1-Funny to meet you @ that Italian ice cream stand… I was, as often nowadays, deeply acting weird, to see carefully your both reactions… It gives me often inspiration to do so ! … A kind of sick clown (ref to charlie Mingus song)… acting in public, with people he doesn’t know at all, and see their multiple reactions… 2-Why i rip your “Space Ice Cream Table” as a freak ?… Simply, because, first, i got surprised to see 3 people alive, speaking with passion and funny bodies languages at that Pizza spot. (85% of the communication are made by THAT language, only 15% by oral communication)… 3-Funny body language, even on subjects that i could NOT listen at, from were i was seat… I only hear from your gay friend an exclamation : “Wine is such expensive, blablabla…” That was the stimulus who motivate me to look on the direction of your table!!! So simply thank you, because without you knew… You both inspired me… PS : .After reading on IMDB the synopsis of “The story of O”… NO! I won’t loose time to watch that kind… Too stupid and insane for me… All the best, and good luck in Vietnam… Honestly i heard that Vietnamese people don’t have the same smile as Balinese communities or yours… Peace little sister and all the best! O.
    PS : Just be where you are,and enjoy it as you do well already… Don’t expect to be there or here or another place… Never miss people, neither… Just BEE ! and don’t forget to get paid well for your talent also…

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