The Great Resignation & How Awesome This is for You 2022

The beginning of the pandemic greatly affected the majority of people all around the world. It forced many of you to work from home…if you were one of the lucky ones. Various industries from tourism to entertainment to education were instantaneously obliterated…or revamped.

Are you familiar with the Great Resignation aka the Extraordinary Exodus? It’s a change that began during the pandemic as employees began to reaccess their work/life balance and said, “Enough of this crap! I quit!

Investopedia defines it as this:

What Is the Great Resignation?
The Great Resignation describes the higher-than-normal quit rate of American workers that began in the spring of 2021 and continued into the fall as vaccination eased the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States, the unemployment rate decreased, and job openings increased.234 Texas A&M University professor Anthony Klotz is credited by The Boston Globe with coining the term.5

Around 4 million U.S. employees left their jobs in July 2021. Most of them were in the middle of their careers and ranged in age from 30-45.

It’s a bit more complicated than that. Let’s use an example…Meet Bob. Hi, Bob!

Bob is 34 and has been working with the Total Life Drain Company for eight years as a sales representative. He’s at the midpoint of his career and hoping for a promotion soon. Suddenly Miss Pandemic comes along and BLOP…Bob must work at home. The Total Life Drain Company is understanding and flexible for a while. As long as Bob meets his quotas, there’s no strict 9-5 schedule.

No more long commutes to work. He eats when he’s hungry. There’s no micromanaging and his smoke breaks are no longer limited. He can spend more time with family. His dog is less stressed because it’s not being left home alone all the time. He can attend online meetings wearing a dress shirt above and Fruit of the Loom undies below.

Then Miss Pandemic becomes less demanding. The Total Life Drain Company decides it’s time to go back to the office.


Bob doesn’t want to spend 3 hours a day OF HIS LIFE in traffic. He’s still waiting on that promotion that was put off because Miss Pandemic was making life super hard for the company and they had to cut corners.

Bob’s been patient. When he gets back to the corporate life after a few years, he wonders….What the fuck am I doing????

Ya see??? Bob enjoyed the extra time as a remote worker.

Bob asks if he can continue working from home.

The Total Life Drain Company says, No.”

Bob asks timidly about his promotion.

The Total Life Drain Company can’t give him a promotion or more money because of all the promotion money was stolen by Miss Pandemic. That bitch!

Bob decides enough is enough. I QUIT!

Perhaps you’re one of the people who quit their thankless job in search for greener pastures. Were you laid off because the outbreak?

The Great Resignation has been caused by many things. The driving force being employees seeking a better work/life balance and pretty much don’t want to be treated like a lump of poop for pennies. Hmmm…

Honestly? What’s the reason in sitting at a desk for eight hours day when you can complete your work in five hours? This greatly depends on the type of work you’re doing of course.

Why settle for only two weeks of vacation per year? The micromanaging? Useless meetings where your opinion doesn’t matter? Staying late at the office and putting strain on your family just to get a promotion?


Here's the icing on the cake...How does the Great Resignation benefit you? 

First off, it has made most companies rethink their workplace policies and treatment of employees. This means your financial, mental, and physical wellbeing is mattering more now. In order to retain current employees and attract new ones, reputable companies are offering more benefits such as workplace flexibility. This means being able to split work time between the office and home. Do you need to pick up your sick daughter from school? Problem with childcare? Take care of it! Empathy from managers will play a bigger role this year if they want to hold on to talent.

Some other benefits include offering childcare services, free/heavily discounted gyms, mental health days when you feel stressed. Expect better financial packages and a more linear approach towards getting raises and/or promotions. There should be better options for retirement savings too!

I think there will be less scolding now for being human at the workplace.

Next up, there’s improving your opportunities for advancement. It can get expensive to complete some certification courses in order to move up the corporate ladder. Companies are starting to recognize it’s a good idea to offer free courses to employees, so they can feel more satisfied at work. The chance to improve your lot in life and make more money is always a good thing.

Companies are also starting to rethink their digital nomad policies! It looks like it will be okay for you to live in Thailand and work for a U.S. company! The Havard Business Review has great article about it here.

Thank goodness, I escaped that draining corporate world. Still have the two thankless jobs, but I’m a contractor and have total control over my time. It’s something I didn’t have as an administrative assistant back in Chicago over 12 years ago. I highly advise working for yourself. You can be a contractor or freelancer.

Regardless of how many benefits these companies offer, you are still expendable. I don’t fucking trust companies. I’ll never forget when a woman I worked with was diagnosed with cancer and that company reprimanded her for taking too many days off for doctor appointments and eventually fired her. She lost her health insurance and her family had to get extra jobs to help her out. Fuck corporate. Heartless bastards. Still if you insist on being another brick in the wall then at least get the most of out it, but make sure you have the following….

-An emergency fund to cover your expenses for at least six months.

-Take advantage of any continuing education courses the company offers. Improving your skills is never a bad thing!

-Spend less than you make. Stop trying to impress a bunch a people who don't give shit about you. I'm not saying live in a cardboard box and eat ramen noodles every night. However if it means leaving the USA and moving to a small city in Mexico and being able to have a better quality of life for less then do it!  

-Invest your money. If you make $2,000/month then have at least $500 automatically deducted and placed in an S&P 500 account. Diversify! You can live below your means. 

-Know the difference between an asset and a liability. This includes people as well. Do you have that one friend who always wants to do expensive crap? They never have time to do free or cheap activities? Get rid of them. That person's a liability. Liabilites are fun for a time, but they're not contributing to your life in a positive way. Replace them with mentors or at least with people who are doing the things you want to do. 

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