Tbilisi’s Best Nightclubs & Bars 2022

This city KNOWS how to party. You asked about the best places to grab a drink or dance until the wee hours here in the land of wolves….

Now that the curfew restrictions have been lifted, it is now possible to party until 7:00! Note that you cannot enter ANY VENUE without showing your green pass stating you’ve been vaccinated.

Here it goes…

When the night’s getting started…

World’s End

A perfect little dark bar to start your night. The music’s not too loud, so conversations are possible. Their bartenders take pride in concocting the perfect libation. They actually know how to make a damn cocktail! Poison is one of my personal favorites. Yum!


Their bartenders are as slow as snails. Once they grace you with their presence, I suggest getting two drinks, so you don’t have to go back. Perhaps even three drinks. They’re that fucking slow.

In comparison to other Tbilisi bars, they’re a bit on the expensive side.

Their food is blah.

But their beer is GOOOOOOOOOOD! This is craft beer heaven. You can watch the footy and meet up with friends to discuss the next place to go. It’s also a beautiful venue to start your night.

Where everybody knows your name….

Thom’s Bar

A British pub run by the lovely Alex. Bring your hunger here because they serve a full English breakfast, fish and chips, and super tasty battered mushrooms. If you’re on a budget then the 5 lari (roughly $1.50) local brews will suit. Cocktails start from 10 lari (roughly $3.50).

It’s a great place to start your night as you’ll meet some of the friendliest people around. You won’t feel uncomfortable going on your own either. Creeps are not allowed to frequent this place and Alex has no problem kicking them out. It’s one reason this is my favorite watering hole!

When you refuse to believe the night’s over:

Dirty Habit Bar

It’s 2:00 and you don’t want to go home.

Everywhere is closed….except for this dungeon. It really is a dungeon.

The owner’s a bit of dick. Don’t strike up a conversation with him. You’ve been warned. Lilu, more than makes up for owner’s shortcomings. She’s a treasure!

Still, they’ve got some of the cheapest drinks in town. You can even choose what music you want to listen to. Still, I’ve seen a few fights at this place and quite a few makeout sessions. Anything goes at Dirty Habits!

When the possibility of waking up naked, covered in chicken feathers and holding onto a blow-up doll is at it’s greatest:

Warzawa Bar

Hey…if you insist on the night going on then this place is a good little afterhours. Super cheap shots. No bar scams. Fast drinks. Faster people.

Live music that won’t make you regret going out:

Backstage 76

I found this Vake institution by mistake as I was wondering around…looking for a place to go. I heard some decent Georgian rock and decided to join everyone else. It doesn’t matter if you can’t understand the lyrics. Rock is rock. Good music is good music.

Your typical smokey, dirty stinkhole of a dive where you’ll listen to some grimey rock or angelic jazz. Take your pick. This venue has it all. Ladies- Beware of the alphamales.

Dance! Dance! Dance!


You simply cannot go to Tbilisi and not go to at least one night at this famous venue. You won’t find trashy pop here. They actively look for the best in local dj talent and even bring in the big names from time to time. Treat your ears to French hip-hop, Russian electronic or Chicago house. The variety of talent is astounding.

I HIGHLY recommend…Horoom Nights every Saturday. It’s the largest (and most fun) LGBTQ dance night in Tbilisi. FYI- At the time of writing this, Horoom Nights has been temporarily closed.

Mono Hall

Beautiful venue filled with beautiful people dancing to beautiful beats. Bliss. Drink up before coming here. It’s a bit on the expensive side.

Still confused about where to go??? Check out these lists:

Tbilisi Underground

Georgian Metal

Gay Tbilisi

Fabrika Hostel & Cultural Center

There are some places I left out on purpose. You’ll have to discover them once you’re here. You may message me for tips.

Are there more places you’d add? Let me know!

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