Tbilisi, Georgia: Insider Information for Aspiring Digital Nomads

Happy New Year from Georgia!

It would’ve been so nice to have started off 2021 with as much optimism as I did to celebrate 2022. Sadly, I was unable to. Who knew I’d start 2021 living above an empty restaurant in Ubud, Bali and end the year in a 300 year old house in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Tbilsi has been a pleasant surprise. Even the issues don’t bother me. There are some things you should know…


Tomorrow, I’m moving from this 300 year old house, with 300 year old problems, that’s been posted on Airbnb. This woman and her trick ass son lied about the conditions in this place. This is why I don’t trust Airbnb at all. She stated there were few power cuts and we’ve had five power cuts in three weeks. There were two gas cuts and six water cuts. This place is cute, but she didn’t tell the entire truth about this apartment.

Then I posted about this problem and some people said it’s the Armenian neighborhood and Georgians don’t like Armenians and cut their power. Yeah…I grabbed my popcorn and watched that conversation take a really nasty turn. It didn’t even occur to me there was beef between Georgians and Armenians. Eh…someone always hates someone else. I can’t keep up.

I can tell you with all certainty…If you decide to move to Tbilisi…avoid Avlabari at all costs. In fact, avoid living in houses or apartments on the ground floor because they have the tendency not to get good cellular coverage. This means if there’s a power cut (it will happen), you won’t be able to use your phone as a hotspot to continue working. I noticed there’s awesome cellular coverage with Magti if you live on the third floor or higher. Something to consider.


As of December 1, 2012, the Georgian government decreed you must have a green pass (QR code) stating you’re vaccinated in order to enter restaurants, cafes, libraries, places of worship, tours, bars, and nightclubs. Of course, not all businesses follow the rules. They could get fined heavily if they are caught.

If you come to Georgia and you’re unvaccinated, you can get vaccinated here FOR FREE once you’ve been in Georgia for at least 90 days. Central Republican Hospital is one place where you can get vaccinated. You must wait three weeks between vaccinations.

The way the green pass is interpreted depends on the place. I wasn’t allowed to even enter a restaurant to get takeaway food! A bit of a pain in the ass, but I’ve got my green pass now and can go anywhere.


I’m really fucking annoyed with real estate agents here. It’s like they all went to the same scam school. This is what they do…Classic bait and switch

-Post a goregous apartment for an unbelievably cheap price in a nice area

-You contact them only to find out it’s been rented. Um…it was posted like 10 minutes ago.

-However they have a similar apartment for a higher price in a crap neighborhood.

-They warn you there’s three other people interested in the apartment and you must put down a deposit asap to get it.


Even real estate agents who were suggested by other expats did this and it really pissed me off. The market isn’t that saturated here. It’s not fucking Playa del Carmen, so stop with this stupid scam already. Or at least change it up.

So…What can you do to avoid this? First off, book a hotel for about 2-3 weeks and allow yourself time to find a place. Then look for apartments directly from the owners. DO NOT USE ANY REAL ESTATE AGENTS!!!!!!! Here are a couple of websites to help you. Be aware of scams though…



Oh…Don’t expect to be able to view the apartment until the tenant moves out. This means it’s impossible to set up multiple viewings in one day. They don’t even want to ask the tenant if it’s possible for you to view.

I get it. They want to respect their privacy, but I’m sure asking isn’t going to hurt. I usually set up an open house, so my apartment could be shown on one day.

It is possible to find apartments for no deposit!!! It depends on how you vibe with the owner. If they trust you. I found expat owners wanted a deposit and the last month’s rent. Ugh.


There are dogs in Tbilisi. A lot of dogs. A lot of crazy fucking dogs that stragely don’t attack you. Bali traumatized me when it came to street dogs because most there are seriously insane. Who can blame them when people beat and eat them? I was happy to see BAWA (Bali Animal Welfare Association) doing something about the problem. They do good work, so if you want to donate, please do.

Back to Tbilisi…dogs….yeah. I liked seeing how people feed the dogs and made little homes for them. Most have tags in their ears which means they’re not crazy. If you see a dog without a tag…run! One person was attacked while walking home from one of those wild looking big dogs.


Whether it’s a meetup at 9MTA or a drink in one of the many dive bars in Tbilisi, you’ll find something. Are you into crytpo? Are you a writer? Want to do some ecstatic dance or join a theater group? Tbilisi has it! I’ve never lived in a place where it’s sooooo freaking easy to meet people. After two years in Bali and mainly running into tourists, it was hard to put down roots.

The Georgian people are some of the friendliest people I’ve ever met. The expats are a decent bunch too as long as you avoid the drunkpats. They tend to be the crowd South-East Asia left behind.

Tbilisi Events in English

Tbilisi Meetups & Expat Events

Tbilisi Digital Nomads

Are you thinking of moving to Tbilisi? Please ask me questions! I’ll be happy to help.

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