What They Don’t Tell You About LIVING in Bali, Indonesia Pt. 2

The pros far outweigh the cons if you decide to make this gorgeous island your home. Still, it’s not all nasi goreng and surfing sweet waves. You deserve to know the truth. Let’s get started!

  1. Foreigners driving up prices.

This really pissed me off about living there. I remember when gyms were around $25 a month. Now they’re between $50-$120 a month. You can still find these $25 gym memberships, but they’re mainly in Denpasar and who wants to live there????

I’ll say this…Most offer CONSIDERABLE discounts if you pay for an entire year upfront. For example, De Gym Kerobokan offers yearly memberships for around $200 and they have great classes and brand new equipment. Otherwise, you’re paying around $100 per month.

So…I guess you could pay for a year and only stay six months. Eh…Not a solid complaint. hahahahaha

Another example…Foreigners, with apparently no clue of what things costs, love to post in Bali villa/housing groups hoping to find an “affordable villa” for under 20 million (about $1700 USD) a month. It’s simply amazing how many responses they get with villas that cost EXACTLY $1700 USD.

Their villa really costs $500/month. Since I speak some Indonesian, I found those same places for $350/month. hahahahah

Please stop doing this. I highly suggest booking a place for a few weeks while you look for more long-term lodging. You can negotiate a better rate once there. There is one rental agency which I trust. You don’t have to pay a commission as they get it from your first month’s payment. No deposits…ever! Check out Bali Honest House. Don’t believe the prices on there. I was always able to negotiate a better rate.

2. Ladies…your hair will fall out in chunks.

You just arrived in Bali and you’re taking that first shower in your outdoor bathroom surrounded by fragipani trees and lush greenery.

A week goes by…

All of a sudden, you notice huge chunks of hair in the drain…on your brush.

You panic.

Am I going bald??? WTF????

You’re not the only one. Since moving to Turkey my hair started growing back stronger and thicker. I don’t know what types of metals there are in the water, but my thick, coily hair suffered tremendously. If you’ve got curly hair or blonde hair, I highly suggest bringing a boat load of products with you.

Install a shower filter. I LOVE the Zero Waste Bali stores. They have shower filters you can buy at very reasonable prices. Ask the owner to install it.

Your hair will get back to normal in no time. Or you can wash your hair with bottled water if you’re that extravangant. A quick vinegar rinse will remove most of the metals from the water.

3. Wifi

Oh my oh my oh my. Oh Bali…I love you so much, but your wifi coverage is a mess. hahahahahahahaha It took me years to figure it out. I’ll kindly share this with you.

The main wifi providers on Bali are Telkom Speedy, Biznet, MTM, Neuviz, and Global Extreme.

I’ve tested them all. Ask what provider the owner is using and if the modem is shared. If it’s Speedy or Global Extreme…RUNNNNN!!!!!!!! Absolutely THE WORST WIFI ON BALI. I don’t care what part of the island you’re on. It will NOT be stable enough for any type of video streaming or even surfing the web.

MTM, Biznet & Neuviz are good…depending on what area of Bali it is. It even depends on the street! That’s right! Biznet might work on one side of the street while on the other MTM works best. You literally have to go and test the wifi out in the room where you’ll be using it the most.

Do not trust the wifi speed any owner tells you. Most lie. I can’t tell you how many times they’ve sent me a speedtest showing great upload/download speeds ONLY to go and test it out and discover it’s NOT working.

“Oh! This usually never happens. I’ll change the wifi once you move in.”

Bullshit. I caught you in a lie and now you want me to give you money for a month and trust you’ll change the wifi for little old me??? Was I born yesterday? Fuck that. Move on.

4. Crime

Crime is everywhere and unavoidable. What used to only happen at night to people driving drunk back home after a party is now happening to people during the day.

Don’t believe me? Join Bali Crime Reports on Facebook. Canggu Nomad Girls is very good about posting safety issues for women. One woman was grabbed on her motorbike while driving and fell off. Another’s bag was snatched while she was driving.

Villa robberies are becoming more frequent. You might want to rethink what you let people see in your home if you get one of those gorgeous pool villas. Sadly, a lot of the times it’s the staff which might alert someone to what you keep inside.

Bag snatching has never happened to me, but my house was broken into in Pererenan, Canggu. They didn’t get anything because I don’t keep valuables out. Apparently, they weren’t interested in my books. hahahahahaha Still I had to alert my neighbors and tell the banjar what happened. The banjar is in charge of each village on the island. You go to this person if you’re having an issue.

The banjar spoke with others. I wasn’t the only one! He decided to install surveillance cameras around our nieghborhood. This is not the Bali I know and love. I started sleeping with a knife next to my bed and chairs in front of my sliding doors, so I could hear someone coming in.

This is the sign I put outside my place telling thieves there was nothing of value inside. I also bought a bicycle lock.

A lot of those nightclubs are run by organized crime groups from countries outside of Bali. I won’t mention them, but everyone knows this. You can also find drugs and prostitutes at a lot of these places. Something to consider as you enjoy your booze and dance until the wee hours. If you’re a guy…they don’t mess about and have no issue beating the $hit out of you…if you get out of line. I’ve seen it happen. No one will help you if you’re hitting on the wrong woman. That’s all I’ll say on that.

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