The Most Random List of Food from Around the World…EVER!!!

Some of you will definitely not agree with this list. I only have one thing to say to you…

HAHAHAHAHA!! Okay, I got that out of the way. Let’s move on…


It’s a delight each time I visit Singapore. Whether it’s a Singapore Sling at Raffle’s or Hainan style chicken rice at a food court, you will be in heaven with the sheer number of food choices! Sadly, I can’t comment on the expensive and famous chili crab because I was always on a budget there. Singapore can really eat through your money if you’re not careful!

Dumplings! Dumplings and more dumplings! Singapore has a large Chinese community which means a lot of tasty food. It was a super hot day as I moved from Little India to Chinatown and came across this hawker’s food court. The cooks were making the pork dumplings from scratch!

Another food you must try in Singapore…OYSTER OMELETTES! There is nothing like an ice cold beer and an omelette with plump oysters in it. Give me that spicy sauce!!!

2. Vietnam

I have a love/hate relationship with this country. Still, can’t deny gorgeous Cat Ba Island, the lantern filled streets of Hoi An or a fun drunken night out with fellow English teachers on Hanoi’s famous Ma May Street. Yup, I’ll admit it. There were occasions when we’d stagger through the mean streets of Hanoi’s bia hoi junction to continue the party at Hero. The night got very messy after that. Um…

I’ll start with the most controversial…Pizza. Now, I’m from Chicago and we’re known for deep dish pizza. I’ve also been to Rome and had pizza at the most famous place to have it with my Italian friends. Yet…I’m telling you…THIS WAS THE BEST PIZZA I HAD IN MY ENTIRE LIFE AND IT WAS IN VIETNAM.

Pizza 4Ps Hanoi, HCMC & Da Nang, Vietnam

The popular pizza restaurant was started by Yosuke Masuko. He calls himself a pizza maniac and has traveled the world in search of the perfect pizza.

Well…he made it. I love it. I dream about it. Hell…I’d go back to Vietnam just to eat this. I think he puts drugs in the pizza. I’m convinced of it. Whatever it is, I can’t get enough. Nom nom nom….omg!

If you’ve gotten this far after I said Vietnam has the best pizza ever then you really have an open mind. I love you. 😜

Next food choice…Bò Né or Bun Bò Huế

This is Vietnamese style steak and eggs. It makes for a great breakfast and the dish is served in a sizzling black pan!

3. Spain

Spain will always hold a dear place in my heart. My Spanish co-teacher dressed me up for feria in Jerez and we had a great time dancing Sevillianos and drinking Rebuijitos until dawn. Ahhh…memories. Anyway, lets move on to the food.


There are many variations of migas which is best described as the Spanish style Thanksgiving dressing…but wayyyyyy better! It consists of stale bread, garlic, olive oil, and chorizo.

Pescaditos Fritos (fried fish)

Let’s head to Malaga where we’ll find pescaditos fritos (fried fish). My friends and I love getting a huge plate of fried fish at Picasso’s and lots of tinto de verano. The people watching is fantastic in this city.

4. Thailand

Um…yeah. Thailand was…okay. In all honesty, their ATMs fees really pissed me off. Y’all mofos are really charging $7+++ and have the nerve to limit the amount at each bank??? Whatever.

The food was good. I found most fast food in the villages tended to be fried bits of unidentifiable meat on a stick with a super sugary fruit juice. If you’re an ardent fan of Thai food then please stop reading. You will hate the food chosen. I’m sorry!

Lays Spicy Lobster Potato Chips

You probably want to throw something at me now. Out of all the delicious food of Thailand, I choose potato chips. I only saw these potato chips in Thailand, so it counts as Thai food, right?

I have no idea what these noodles are called. Freaking delicious for anyone on a budget!

Thai style seafood congee with an ice cold Singha beer!

That’s it, everyone! I found you enjoyed this food blog. Let me know if agree!

What would you add to this list?

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