Digital Nomad Issues: Rude HR, Working Outside Your Home Country & Affiliate Marketing Woes

Do you find the job search daunting? Ha! Try looking for work with an American company while living abroad! Why do I have to LIVE in the USA for REMOTE WORK??? The USA is still my tax home. I file taxes. I kept a U.S. address and have a social security number yet I’m treated like a leper when seeking freelance gigs from U.S. companies. “Sorry! You must live in the USA…for fully remote work.” Yeah…that makes sense.

Most companies would ghost me after finding out I live outside the USA. What’s the reason for this??? I mean apart from the tax claim and breech of confidential information while living outside your home country.

Then again, a solid VPN can combat this.

Then again, if your tax home is still your home country, why does it matter where you work? Am I missing something here?

This will be short, sweet, and to the point…I’m absolutely appalled at the email and phone manner of HR companies in the United States of America. This is regardless if I’m asking about an affiliate marketing program or seeking freelancing work. Has empathy left the American workplace?

It’s wonder why I left nine years ago. Don’t you realize the importance of a positive onboarding experience? Why do you treat job applicants like dirt under your shoe? I wondered if they’re this rude during the application process then I can only image how rude they’d be if I had a payment issue! No way I’d work for a company like this! My heart goes out to all the Americans looking for work. This is why it’s best to work for yourself.

This really shocked me. At the moment, I’m compiling a list of companies and programs I’ve worked with or learned through to share with you. My list is small because I’m picky and will only share the most reliable and personally tested ways to improve your pay.

However, it would be nice to try to earn some commission too. Why not? All companies and learning programs outside the USA sent me polite messages. They either pointed out they didn’t have an affiliate program yet or are currently working on one.

The American company wrote back, ” Do not use this email to solicit. Remove from list.” Wow! Just wow, USA! What the flipping fudgety fudge is your problem? I felt like a door to door saleswoman, and they slammed the door right in my face! Is it unfashionable for U.S. based companies to be polite in their business emails or on the phone?

What are your thought on this? Please share your experience. I really need to hear them. Comment below! Are companies just as rude in your country?

If you’re working in HR, try your best to make applicants feel valued. Ghosting them and taking eons to answer relevant questions about a job isn’t professional. You need them as much as they need you.

Also…PUT THE GD SALARY IN YOUR JOB LISTINGS!!! I think this angers me the most. How dare you ask someone fill out out a lengthy job application only to get an attitude when they inquire about the salary. Or do you expect them to work for free?

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