Pursuing Financial Freedom While Living Abroad: The Cold, Hard Truth

As I was preparing to write a list of businesses and companies to help you get started on the digital nomad path, it occurred to me. I don’t trust a single f**king one. Hell, you shouldn’t even trust me.

I applied to Upwork’s affiliate program and was turned down flat because I don’t have enough followers and they don’t like my subject matter. Oops. It serves me right because I joined Upwork, and it’s not a good platform to find work and I’ll tell you why…You’ll be bidding (more like begging) on freelance projects with those who are willing to do it for a sixth of the price from countries with a lower cost of living. Will you do a data entry job for $2 an hour? Know your worth. Yet, I was going to suggest it to you. See? I’m an a$$hole too. Sorry.

Teaching Chinese children online used to be the biggest way to earn good money while living anywhere. I used to make over $2,000 USD a month doing this! Then my income changed to $500 a month and then none at all. The employers are greedy.

Due to recent changes in Chinese regulation regarding private tutoring, a lot of American, Canadian, British and Australian teachers were fired or told to accept an insanely low pay cut. Then these companies have the nerve to guilt trip you into staying because the cute kiddos need you. Ha! They’re also trying to pass off South African and Filipino teachers as native speakers and the Chinese parents can see the difference. The parents are not as stupid as you think, China. Again, know your worth.

The aforementioned, supposedly, tried and true methods to earn steady money abroad are no longer in your favor. Companies in 2021, don’t care about you. Your loyalty and sacrifice means nothing to them. They will fire you without notice and give your job to someone who’s willing to work for less. What can you do about this? We can GET RICH QUICK!

Set up an automated YouTube channel. Start a dropshipping business. Invest in cryptocurrency. Become an Instagram influencer or overnight sensation on TikTok. Get that affiliate marketing money for recommending products you don’t believe in and never used! Live the dream traveling around the world, working a few hours a week, on your laptop in a hammock with…of course…the perfect view of a beach. A coconut at your side.

You can live this life…eventually. You must put in lot of hard work to set up your business. You must read about the business you’re interested in. Become absolutely obsessed with it. Develop an abnormal obsession with it. You have to be mentally and financially prepared that 9 out of every 10 businesses fail. You’ll need to make sacrifices.

YOUR FIRST TRY WILL FAIL. It’s a bitter pill to swallow, but swallow the damn thing already and move on. We’ve been conditioned to think our first try should succeed and if it doesn’t then we give up. After all, self-pity is far easier than making a plan of action. Welcome to the age of instant gratification.

Let’s face it. You’re lazy. Lazy and stupid and scared. It’s not your fault because I’ve been lazy, stupid, and scared my whole life. It’s an internal battle I deal with everyday.

Do not misunderstand. You can work 60 hours a week at a job you hate and still be lazy because you’re doing nothing to better yourself in life. You claim to have no time to learn what you’re really passionate about yet you watch an entire Netflix series every weekend. Hmm…

You also claim not to have the money to attend that useful business or financial seminar yet you spend $200 getting smashed every weekend to forget your troubles. You’re also spending $400 a month on delivered food. Let’s not forget that BMW on lease to impress a bunch of people who secretly hate your guts. Hmm…

You can still be stupid and get good grades in university because you’re not studying for enjoyment. You’re not pursuing knowledge just to pursue knowledge.

Are you pissed off yet? I sincerely hope so! I called you STUPID, LAZY, and SCARED. The anger is a start.

People are always curious to know how I can afford to live abroad. Few people listen. Why? Because my advice isn’t what they want to hear. They want a “get rich quick” scheme or want me to lie about the thousands I’m pulling in affiliate marketing.

Since I took a five year break from writing anything on this blog; I’m starting from the bottom up and couldn’t be more excited! The only money I’m making now is from two thankless jobs while I pursue my passion. I’ll talk about the thankless jobs (not too time consuming or annoying) you can get to pursue your goals in another post.

This is a promise I make to you…the reader…the follower. I will no longer attempt to deceive you. I will only suggest services, jobs or products I have experience with.

Please write questions or comments for me. I usually answer within 24 hours. This blog is not about how fabulous my life is (ha) and how much your life sucks. We’ve seen enough of those, right? Sure, I recently picked my next destination out of a glass and booked the flight, but there are sacrifices I’ve made to get here. Certain lifestyle adjustments. These will be addressed in a different post.

The goal of this blog is to show you the ups and downs of living abroad while pursuing financial freedom. This will include my attempts to build passive income. The daily struggle and tips to help you avoid the same mistakes.

Get inspired!

Did luck have anything to do with it? Absolutely not! I’m a hustler by nature. Even when life kicks me down; I get the f**k back up.

Do you have suggestions? What goals are you pursuing right now? What are you interested in? I’d love to hear from you!

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