Nomad Rules: What Not to Do When Moving Abroad


Let’s meet Ben! Ben is a thirty-something business analyst from Oslo, Norway.

Ben is excited! Finally his job is fully remote and he can escape expensive Oslo.

It’s his first time living abroad…unless his two months in Pattaya’s Red Light District count.

Ben arrives in Tbilisi. Ben can’t believe how cheap everything is!

Ben starts excitedly posting on Facebook asking for help finding a one bedroom apartment for under 1000€ in the center of Tbilisi. After all, the average rent in Oslo is about 1300€. Is it possible in Tbilisi?

Georgian property owners see Ben’s post.

Georgian property owners are super duper excited to help Ben realize his cheap rent dream of paying only around 1000€…in Tbilisi.

And what do you know??? Ben finds a lovely one bed bedroom apartment for only 950€ with separate utilities.

Then Ben starts enjoying the local food scene.

Ben starts tipping. In fact, he INSISTS on tipping. His meal was 5€, but Ben tips 5€. Why? Because he’s just so darn grateful Georgia is soooooo cheap! The server is happy.

Ben loves to flash his cash around locals and constantly talk about how lucky they are to live in such a cheap country.

—-Keep in mind the local monthly salary in Tbilisi is around 300€. Ben makes around 3000€ a month.–

This carries resentment with locals.

One local follows Ben home.

Local robs Ben.

Ben is sad.

Ben now calls all Georgians thieves who should be grateful he’s spending money there.

Poor Ben!


Now let’s take a look at Tom’s move abroad.

Tom is from the USA, but he’s been living in Hanoi, Vietnam for the past two years. Tom is in his thirties too.

Tom teaches English under the table. He also teaches online, but salaries have gone down considerably.

Now Vietnam is kicking out all the foreign tourists. Tom is confused on where to go.

Tom decided to move to Tbilisi too.

Tom does a bit of research and finds posts from 2010 stating average rents are around 150€ a month!

Tom is excited and books that flight to Tbilisi.

Tom arrives in Tbilisi with 500€ to his name. Perhaps Tom spent too much on drunken nights in Tay Ho? Hmmm….

He booked the cheapest hostel he could find and begins his search for apartments.

Tom is shocked! Rents are now around 350€ a month! OMG! Poor Tom! He also has to put down a deposit. Yikes!

Plus, the average cost of a meal of a meal is now 8€…thanks to Ben from Oslo. So unfair!

The server sneers at Tom because he doesn’t leave a tip! Once again, let’s thank Ben!

Tom calls his estranged dad back in Connecticut.

Tom’s dad books his flight back home.

Bye bye, Tom!


Lastly, let’s meet Dan.

Dan is from Ireland, but he’s been living outside of Ireland for six years.

Dan is also an online English teacher living in Melaka, Malaysia.

That’s not all that Dan does.

Dan also generates passive income through affiliate marketing and manages inboxes for busy professionals.

All in all…Dan is pulling in around 1500€ a month.

Dan also lets his financial advisor put 20% of his salary into mutual funds gaining compound interest.

Now, Dan has roughly 46,000€ in his bank account after six years. Hooray compound interest!

Dan decides he is bored with Malaysia and wants to move somewhere else.

Dan joins the Facebook groups of all the countries he wants to live in.

Dan uses the search function before asking a question.

Dan gets a very good idea of the current situations in each country.

After extensive research into average costs for rental, food, etc. He decides on Tbilisi, Georgia.

Dan knows the average cost of living has gone up (Seriously…F**k you, Ben!), but he can afford it.

He also adds on an extra 300€ for the first few months while he truly figures out the real prices of things.

Dan has learned the newbie always pays more.

Dan joins expat meetups in Tbilisi. Dan takes a Georgian language course.

Dan makes friends with locals. Locals help Dan find an apartment in his price range.

Dan is happy and loves Tbilisi.

Be like Dan.

So…What type of nomad are you? Ben? Tom? Dan?

Next blog next Saturday as usual! Have a great week!

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