Broke in Granada: Survival Guide

Tip #1 Avoid the stupid, double decker tourist buses!

granada bus

They cost a fortune plus you won’t have an authentic experience. Instead….catch the C2 bus from Plaza Nueva, pay only 1.20€ and enjoy the air-conditioned ride through the Albaycin and Sacramonte. The best part??? The journey is round trip, so it will drop you off where you caught it! You’ll take lots of photos as this little bus crawls up the steep mountains to the caves of Sacramonte.

Tip#2 Get to know the people.

No really…get to know the wonderful, hippies selling jewelry, that old gypsy playing flamenco for change, the Moroccan shopkeepers…everyone. The people of Granada make this place magical. I’ve had the best times hanging out with the locals. Go buy a 40 oz. of beer from the shop and strike up a conversation outside.

Most are quite helpful and will give you tips on where to get the biggest tapas for a small fee. Plus…who knows??? You might be invited into someone’s cave for an impromptu flamenco performance like I was!

Tip#3 Avoid the heat of the day!!!! Start exploring as soon as the sun comes up.

I know, I know… it’s tempting, in this student city, to spend the entire night out at the bars. In all honesty, the clubbing scene really sucks here. Save your money and only check out the tapas bars or take in some flamenco. You’ll be home by 1:00 at the latest.

Sacramonte, the area where all the cuevas (caves) are, can be difficult to explore on foot. Try doing it at 14:00 when it’s 40 degree outside! Um…no! I’d rather start from the Albaycin at 7:00 and be out of the hot sun by 13:00. Bring water…you’ve been warned.

Next…flamenco, tapas and Alhambra tips!!!




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