Last Days of Bali: Lost Debit Card, Down & Out in Bali, Petulu Village Life Part 1.

After eight months living in Canggu, Bali, the surfer’s paradise, it was time to leave. My freelance writing gig ended and I was growing a little sick of prices changing according to my foreign status. Please don’t get me wrong! Bali’s a lovely island.

In particular, I fell in love with Balangan Beach which is near Uluwatu.


Road Trip Balangan Beach & Uluwatu!!!!

Before I tell you about this awesome adventure; I must go back to my third month living in Bali. Ani was the first Balinese friend I made there. She never tried to con me into anything and simply wanted to know me. She helped me when my debit card was lost and not even my mom’s best friend would allow me to transfer money into her account so she could send it to me via Western Union. Betty, my mom’s best friend, sent me a few sentences back stating she couldn’t do it. It’s not like I was asking her for money!  I had about $100 left and argued with Capital One 360 bank to send my debit card ASAP because I was afraid of being thrown out on the street.


A friend turned me on to which literally saved me! I still had my Spanish bank card, so I had the money from my U.S. account transferred over. It literally took about a week! I wish I had discovered it sooner, but being broke in a small Balinese village is definitely an experience I’ll never forget. Made, Ani’s friend, only had four rooms. My room had an outdoor shower with cold water. I hate to admit this, but when the weather was overcast; I didn’t bother showering. Cold water is not invigorating to me. Anyway, I had a nice outdoor sitting area all to myself with the family temple next door. A fragrant and ancient Frangipani tree greeted me outside my room. Along with the family roosters crowing and raggedy dogs running about. There was no wifi at his place, so I was forced to do other things. I would stop by Ani’s place to talk and have a coffee. Sometimes Ibu, Ani’s mother, would give me comb and tweezers to take out the gray hairs. I’d ride my motorbike down the back roads through other villages and would stop off to take photos, have some tea or go to an internet cafe.


My street in Petulu, Bali

Ani found a place where I could stay and pay at the end of the month. She even loaned me a motorbike and invited me for regular meals with her family in Petulu. Petulu’s a small village just outside of Ubud. Not many people have heard of it, but I’m sure you’ve heard of Ubud. It was made famous by Eat, Pray, Love. Now the once charming town is a money market playing up the laidback bohemian lifestyle for the yuppie, tourist takers. You can eat raw food here, do yoga (ha, of course), find your inner child and watch traditional Balinese dance performances with about a hundred other tourists.

…to be continued…

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