Blogging for Cash, Family Issues, Future Plans and a road trip…Bali style!

Hey guys!

It’s been awhile since I posted anything due to familial issues, but I must share some exciting news!!!! I’m being paid to blog!!! Ahh!!!! Blog about Bali!!! This is very exciting for me. It’s like an indescribable dream. It’s actually good money! Hehe

Now…my next accomplishment is to write about a full Ibizan season. The clubs, the drugs, the parties, the beautiful people and…of course…the culture that makes this island so special!

Everything’s perfect except for lack of family. Sadly, I had to let this person go. She’s full of anger and has trusted an evil person. She’s never been proud of me and wishes to have nothing to do with me beyond flooding my Hotmail account with about 20 impersonal e-mails a day. It will take me some time and more tears trying to figure out what went wrong, but I’ll be okay. However, I’ve decided to never have children since I’m scared I’ll turn out like her. Our genes are bad enough…no need to continue them. lol Adoption’s a possibility, but it will be much later. It still feels as if I’ve been stabbed in the stomach. when someone loved tells you they’re dead to you.

Time heals all wounds.

Buenos Aires is off. I know…I know…I wasn’t really that keen on going to be honest. Suzie and I were going to share an apartment together. She ended up getting more work, so she couldn’t go. Now it seems Vietnam is beckoning me.

In all honesty, my life in Bali has been lonely. It’s not that I don’t know people here, but they’re flaky or too busy or whatever.

I’m not following you…you’re not Jesus.

Most of the people that come here are tourists, so I only get to know them for a few weeks before they disappear. Most days, I’m driving around on my scooter, discovering villages and writing.

Well…next stop VIETNAAAMMMMM!!!! Then back to the good old U.S. of A. to get my Spanish visa in Chicago. However, I’m not planning on staying there due to personal issues. Back to my beloved Spain for me where I may live for the rest of my life.

Here are a few photos from my adventure in Ubud and the surrounding villages.

Goa Gajah Courtesy of


Outside the entrance to Goa Gajah. The elephant cave. Yay!


Just me joining the school children in throwing a coin into the pond of fish for luck. πŸ˜‰  Tirta Empul, Tegalalang, Bali

I complain a lot about Bali, but let me tell you what I love. The people of Balinese…villages. They’re hospitable and kind. After leaving Goa Gajah, I got a tip from Putu, the guard there to visit some holy water springs at Tirta Empul. I got on my trusty Scoopy scooter and headed out to the village of Tegalalang. The little Indonesian learned helped me understand the directions given by the locals.

ITips: Excuse me. Can you tell me how to get to this address? Indonesian: Maaf. Saya mencari alamat ini?  Sounds like a song right? hehe

Left/ belok kiri

Right: belok kanan

Keep straight/tetap lurus

Don’t forget to say, “thank you!”  Terima kasih!

I’ve got to tell you guys…these holy springs were amazing! I opted not to go in because it was filled with school children. hahaha You can rent a sarong and towel from the changing room. I must comment on something. There were some tourists taking photos of themselves in the holy springs with the local people. Um…kinda disrespectful guys! Some people seriously need to learn about the culture they’re visiting so they don’t offend them.

Check this great post if you want to learn more!

Tirta Empul

The next stop was Gunung Kawi which is an ancient Hindu Temple located in Tagalanan. I’m warning you, you’re gonna pay for this Indiana Jones experience. Bring water! There are a series of steps leading down with gorgeous views of rice paddy fields on either side.

Keep going down…down…DOWN…you’re there. Whew! I was sweating like a heaving weight boxer coming up those steps! It was well worth it though. Gunung Kawi

Tip: Again…bring water. If you want cold water, be sure to get at the convenience stores around the site. Inside, they’ll charge you 5,000 rp. (.35 cents). Okay, it’s not a lot, and I’m one cheap girly, but after living here for awhile, I’ve learned that it’s quite an inflated price. Do what you want…don’t judge me. :/


This photo really doesn’t do the place justice. You must go! Try to get there as soon as they open to avoid the hot midday sun and have the place to yourself.

Keep on keeping on…

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