A bit overdue…Life in Bali and other observations

It’s been some time since I posted anything. Mainly because I was scared of telling the truth of my experiences here. You’ll have to wait until I’m off Indonesian soil and back in a country where free speech is allowed. What I will mention here is that I truly feel sorry for the youth of Bali. They’re losing their identity. Thefts have also become a big problem here.

Everything comes down to money. Do you have any idea how boring it is? I get it. I’ve got more dough than them. However it’s probably not good business sense to change the prices of things all the time depending on the wealth of the person. As an example, there’s a small store right across from where I live. The grandmother’s nice. She charges me the same prices for things as the locals. It’s little stuff like a bottle of tea or some coffee. Now the rest of her family are greedy fucking bastards. When her daughter was running the shop, she tried to sell me the same bottle of tea for double the price! It’s still cheap, but that’s not the point. IT’S THE PRINCIPLE. I’m doing business with the large corporations now that have fixed prices.

On a good note, I had an AWESOME Thanksgiving dinner with some people I met through a nonprofit. It felt good to eat succulent turkey with all the trimmings. Met some cool ass people and we’re off for dinner tonight and dancing.

Jut met the sweetest Sardinian woman who’s opening a restaurant in Seminyak soon.

On a bad note, I had to get rid of someone who was a little too neurotic for my tastes. I guess I’m a fool. I was actually going to invite her to the Thanksgiving dinner only to discover she blocked me on FB! No idea why, and I don’t care. Maybe I’m just too nice. Thought she could use an evening out and possibly strike up some revenue for her business. My biggest pet peeve is someone that’s flighty. Life’s too short to deal with such crap. It’s like the mob with me…you’re either in or out. hahahaha

This post will be short and sweet. If you’ve got a problem with someone, tell them! No one can read your damn mind and personally I’m not bothered. This goes for friends and family. I find time heals all wounds and I’m not the type to sit around and wonder “What if.” If someone wants to talk to me, they can talk to me. I’m done being the one crawling back. After what I recently discovered, when I’m dead, all of my things are going to charitable organizations. It all makes sense to me why some people haven’t been bothered to visit my mother when they live less than an hour away.

Bali’s been a fascinating roller coaster ride. I’ve met some awesome people here that are doing great things. Met some bad ones too. My financial situation has turned around dramatically. There are some writing gigs coming up with a few clubbing magazines for next season. I must be present in Europe for these.

This article was added because I think it will help a lot of you.

PURSUE YOUR PASSIONS!!! Whether it’s tapestries or tapas. You’ll fall often, but learn from the mistakes. Don’t be this guy: http://nextshark.com/man-reveals-how-choosing-comfort-in-his-20s-led-to-a-life-of-emptiness-and-pain/

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