My Top Food Experiences in Bali

Learn Indonesian!!! Masakan means food and there’s quite a dazzling variety on Bali. I’ve had the pleasure of trying quite a bit, so here’s my list of must try street foods. Next week…visa requirements made simple.

1. Bregedel

My local friend’s mother, Ibu, made this for me when I lived in the village of Petulu, Bali. These fried patties are made with chilies, eggs, potatoes, and vegetables. They’re quite scrumptious, and I love drowning mine in sambal (chili) sauce. The spicier, the better! Usual cost??? From 3,000 rp- 8,000 rp for three patties





  1. Cap Cay

Okay, this is actually Chinese, but it’s quite popular on Bali. You can find this dish at many warungs (small restaurants or cafés). There are many variations of this healthy dish, but it usually consists of cabbage, carrots, mushrooms, Chinese broccoli, tomatoes, ginger and garlic in fish or chicken stock. The first time I tried this was at a Warung Muslim in Kerobokan. A plate of steaming hot veggies was presented to me with a small cup of rice. This dish can also be served with seafood or chicken.

Indonesian comfort food at its best. Usual cost??? From 10,000 rp-15,000 rp 

photo (2)

A typical Balinese family meal of cap cay, bregedel, cucumbers, rice and sambal (chili sauce)at Ani’s house in Singaraja. 

3. Jagung segar (fresh corn)

You’ll see various vendors at the beach selling ears of freshly grilled sweet corn. You can choose to have yours doused in, butter, cheese, chili or mayonnaise. I was quite happy when I discovered this dish because it reminded me of the elotes (corn) from street vendors when I lived in Chicago. Don’t forget your toothpick. Usual cost??? From 4,000-10,000 rp


A fresh corn stand in Carrefour mall. 

4. Mie goreng (fried noodles) and nasi goreng (fried rice)

There’s no way in hell you can come to Bali, let along Indonesia and not try these ubiquitous dishes. Almost every street vendor sells one of the two as vegetarian or with chicken (ayam). Both come with plethora of tasty veggies and are usually served with a fried egg on top. Usual cost??? From 7,000-14,000 rp


mie goreng

nasi goreng

nasi goreng

5. babi guling (roasted suckling pig)

OMG!!! I love this dish. Once upon a time it was only available for special occasions, but now you can find warungs selling it rather cheaply. You’ll receive a plate with a mound of rice in the middle surrounded by various parts of the pig. Sometimes soup or a stick of satay are included. Usual cost??? From 20,000 rp-50,000 rp


Heavenly babi guling

6. sate ayam (chicken satay)

When I arrived in Bali a few months ago, I stupidly paid 10,000 per stick of sate ayam. Then Ani and I got 6 sticks of sate ayam from a vendor for 4,000 rp with cucumbers, peanut sauce and rice cakes! It helps to know a local. lol You can find this dish everywhere. The smell will make you want some even if you’re stuffed like a pig. Expect to pay between 6,000-10,000 rp for about 6 sticks (you’re not a local…sorry). 

sate ayam


I hope you found this helpful. The biggest pain when buying street food is the obvious jump in prices for us foreigners. It’s not a big deal to me, but I gave you some guidelines when buying food. Have the amount you wish to pay ready, while they’re preparing your food, then bargain from there. Good luck!

Tonight I’m off to check out the nightlife in the south of Bali. Once I’ve got enough places, I’ll make a post. 

Next post…Indonesian visa requirements made easy.

Care to share your favorite foods around the world? Let us know!!!



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  1. Nyia says:

    Hi – I just found your blog. It’s left me with a question…I’m curious about how your support yourself and what your skillset is.

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    1. Becca M says:

      Hello, Nyia,

      Thanks for visiting! I worked in Madrid, Spain as a teaching assistant for 2 years. I had a portion of my monthly salary put in a savings account along with whatever I made from private lessons. In my second year, I opened a one year CD which offered a good interest rate. Then I just worked my ass off at summers camps. hahahaha

      Now, I’m attempting to get back into writing and hopefully start a series of travel videos highlighting the alternative side of various countries. 🙂

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