Chain Smoking Trinity Examiner in Spain

OMG!!!! What a freaking jerk! I’m currently working as a teaching assistant at a colegio in Collado Villalba, Spain.

ImageThe road to school in Collado Villalba. ¡Este pueblo es el corazón de la Sierra!

Last year, we had the nicest Trinity examiner who gave us the results after the exams of the children. This year, we’ve got a chain-smoking miserable prick from Manchester who arrived just on time and confided in me that he doesn’t like working with children.


I was so worried for my babies (the second graders) whose parents wanted to know the results of the tests.

ImageMy babies…the second graders all dressed up for Carnival 2013.

This guy couldn’t even give us a brief idea of how the children did because of Trinity regulations. Whatever! I’m sure Trinity also has regulations on not smoking on school grounds or putting our yogurts in your bag. How cheap can you be? This guy is obviously unhappy and I’m really hoping he doesn’t take it out on the children.

The Trinity exam is an English text given through Trinity College in London. It’s not really a big deal in my opinion. The current economic crisis in Spain means you’ve got a better shot at future career opportunities if your English level is good. It also lets the school know if the children obtained the appropriate level of English for their grade level.

My schedule is from 9 a.m.- 2 p.m. Tuesday through Friday. I stayed until 3:30 p.m. today calming the children down by playing games in English and talking to them. They’ve worked so hard on this.

We’ve gone over prepositions, directions, simple past tense, favorite things, dates and routines. I sincerely hope they all succeed in life…even the naughty ones. lol

I promise to put my blogs in a more cohesive order later.

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  1. Sayuri says:

    That is so horrible and funny at the same time. When I was in Valladolid, one man would smoke inside. It was horrible. Another teacher and I would have to leave because I’m allergic to that mess. I don’t understand the disregard that some smokers have.

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    1. Becca M says:

      I know! This guy just hated his life. He was acting like a primadonna the whole time. Have you ever met people that were just absolutely miserable and you’re wondering why? I think his wife left him or something.

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